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B2B lessons learned

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Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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We analyzed 2,000+ B2B SaaS companies through multiple lenses this year — hiring and org trends, GTM tactics, Cloud 100 comparisons, pricing patterns, website messaging, and more.

While we learned something new each time, the same few insights hold true.

Today, we’re summarizing those GTM insights in our own 2022 Wrapped, B2B SaaS edition.


Check out Camille's post with some key stats from this year.

1. High-growth B2B SaaS companies prioritize community

In May, we noticed PLG companies recruit for community roles 59% more than our B2B Index, which tracks B2B SaaS companies with 5 to 5K employees.

In November, our Cloud 100 GTM analysis revealed more than a quarter of Cloud 100 companies were actively recruiting community roles (amidst mass tech layoffs) and that 58 of the 100 already support some kind of community.

Cloud 100 graph Source:, Cloud 100 GTM Analysis

We’re now analyzing the best B2B communities and why they work.

More to come in 2023.

2. PLG ≠ sales-free

Product-led growth (PLG) doesn’t mean products sell themselves.

Buyer-centric products and marketing tactics help SaaS companies grow.

So do sales teams.

PLG companies tend to leverage community, product education, and a freemium model to spark the initial demand and then scale up their sales teams to effectively monetize user acquisition.

Right now, Cloud 100s (66% of which are PLG) are hiring salespeople at a higher rate than other B2B companies.

marketing and sales jobs in B2B Source:, Cloud 100 GTM Analysis

3. Data suggests silver linings for B2B SaaS, despite layoffs

B2B SaaS hiring Source:, Hiring Tracker

Thus far, SaaS startups and non-tech industries have been able to effectively absorb talent lost in the big tech layoffs.

72% of tech workers have landed new jobs within three months, half found higher paying roles.

Overall, tech employment grew by 207,200 in 2022.

4. The biggest names in B2B SaaS all use templates.





Seven of the top 10 fastest-growing apps use templates as an integrated strategy.

By teaming up with influencers – partners and creators – you’ll see the most ripple effects from this strategy.

Templates in B2B SaaS Source:, Templates Teardown

5. Own the problem to own the market.

We compiled 2,042 B2B SaaS homepage screenshots so you don’t have to.

The ones that stand out are not always clever or creative.

But they're always simple, which helps them stick.

Visitors expect you to clearly answer what your product does and how.

A great website will also make me feel like they’re the only solution to solve a specific pain by 1) explaining your problem better than you could.

2) carving out a niche the company is best positioned to win.

Figma doesn’t claim to be the best design tool, it positions itself as the best *collaborative* design tool.

Webflow doesn’t claim to be the best website maker.

It positions itself as the *easiest* tool for *non-technical* folks, especially marketers.

homepage gallery Source:, Homepage Gallery

We shared some of our favorite homepage headlines in November.

You can also filter, sort, and browse them all here.

6. Let customers try before they buy

I get it.

Not every company can offer freemium plans.

However, most *can* (and should) offer free trials.

If you can do both, we’d highly recommend it.

That’s called a reverse trial and our contributing analyst, Lauren Holliday, broke down how the best SaaS companies orchestrate these in this reverse trial teardown article.

reverse trials Source:, Reverse Trial Teardown

Another creative way to let folks try before they buy: on-demand demos.

Static demo: recorded product walkthrough.

When I was first evaluating ClickUp years ago, I came across their on-demand demo page with walkthrough videos for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced users.

No one else was doing that at the time.

Most still aren’t.

But this was the final nudge I needed to sign up.

Interactive demo: If the ROI makes sense, you can also create sandbox environments on your site to house guided product walkthroughs meant to simulate actual product workflows.

7. Usage is most popular way to price within PLG

Product-led growth (PLG) companies have pushed the adoption rate of usage-based pricing in SaaS from 27% in 2018 to 56% in 2022.

In comparison, we found 84% of PLG companies factor usage into their pricing.

Full report to follow in January.

Usage pricing is often a win-win.

Customers have the option to pay for only what they need.

Like freemium plans, this lowers the barrier of entry to get started.

It also forces companies to keep an eye on a critical business metric – customer value.

If they’re using more of the product, they’re seeing more value and are willing to pay more.

They also become great champions and case studies.

By monetizing usage, you create a business model that gets everyone what they want.

Your team's more incentivized to prioritize product stickiness without making users pay until they experience the need to upgrade.

usage-based pricing Source:, Lessons and Examples from PLG Reverse Trial Pioneers

Want to dive into the pricing strategies of 300 B2B companies?

Snag our 2022 PLG Pricing Dataset.

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