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B2B and PLG without hiring freezes

almost 2 years ago 2 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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May was different in SaaS/B2B.

We read about declining multiples, hiring freezes, cutbacks.

But I wanted to track who's *still hiring.*

So today I'm excited to launch **the B2B Tech Hiring Tracker.**

It has 887 companies to start.

It's not a layoff tracker.

It's not a job board.

Those are covered.

Instead, I hope this can be a research tool for job seekers and high-growth GTM leaders.

This will expand quickly.

You can add a company here (login).

The index tracks B2B Tech companies, 2 to 8000 employees, with open roles in sales and/or marketing.

You can filter for PLG motion, company size, Y/Y growth, and get into 13 specific GTM role categories.

From SDR to ABM to PMM, we've got all the TLAs covered :).

Here's an example...

You're looking for: 1.) Demand Gen or Growth roles; 2.) Companies with a PLG motion; 3.) Early/growth stage with <300 employees companies.

Apply those filters and you get 76 interesting places to look for jobs, find examples roles, and GTM peers.


Here's where I'd like to take this next...


Expand coverage.

To find the first 887, we analyzed ~1500 companies.

We will add your submissions each month and discover new companies.

Coverage will also improve as our platform and bots get smarter.


Track monthly changes across the index.

We now have a baseline for ~1500 carefully curated B2B tech companies.

Going forward we'll analyze and report on movement and trends to help your understand the current market environment.


Add role categories.

We're starting with 13 sales & marketing role categories.

This will expand based on your feedback.

*What else would you like to see?*


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