Custom datasets to tell your story.

Track Your Markets & Your Categories

You do the insight. I'll help with the data. Save time, keep your sanity, and close the loop from strategy to execution.

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Here's the story...

I believe that B2B marketing is finally entering the Positioning Era that Jack Trout and Al Ries described over 4 decades ago in B2C.

Buyers have infinite choice in every category. Markets rise, evolve, and fall faster than ever. And the skills and tools to navigate this are scarce.

That’s why CMOs are so starved for Product Marketing talent.

But look around… 8,000+ mar-tech vendors help you optimize funnels.

What about the other stuff? Who helps?

That’s where I want to play. And I think that’s where you’ll find a bit of remaining go-to-market leverage. All the alpha is gone from the funnel. All the playbooks are known. The only arbitrage is winning on the squishier, strategic, creative stuff.

Why is Gong worth 13x Chorus? Is their product 13x better? Not likely. But they won a unique place in the customer’s mind. You can probably name dozens of similar examples.

So how do you win that game?

Generally, it's insight.

And the highest leverage insight come from outside your business — insight about your customers, markets, and categories.

I can't give you insights. You get to tell the story.

But I can make it easier, faster, and more accurate. Instead of spending 1000s of clicks, you can get the data packaged exactly how you need and delivered on your doorstep.

I have built a set of legos. You'll get full access to all of them.

And I can give you my time and energy to help put them together for your questions.

You know your business. I know these legos. We can make something awesome together that will help your company, help your career, and be worthwhile.

My process goes like this:

  1. Discuss: We talk about your market and the big questions.
  2. Test: I bring you sample deliverables (with real data) on your market.
  3. Decide: We review and you decide if it's worth continuing.

I won't make it more complex than that.

Want to take the first step?

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