Not a black box. Not a database. Just right.

Work The Right Accounts

Don’t sell ice in the winter. We help you find your best buyers and build an ICP you can trust.

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Have you felt one of these problems?

  • “Our ICP isn’t just firmographics & technographics – it’s more nuanced and specific.”
  • “I can get rough numbers to size my market, but I’m struggling to inspect and validate the underlying accounts.”
  • “I don’t have confidence in our ICP definition unless I can edit the assumptions and see things change.”
  • “I need deeper segmentation of our market to run tailored go-to-market plays.”
  • “Our sales team is wasting so much time on research for every new account.”

We’re building the solution.

  • We speak TAM, ICP, SAM, ABM, PLG, and more B2B GTM TLAs. We’ve been obsessed with B2B sales and marketing for the last 15 years. We want to help advance the craft.
  • While delivering our free datasets, we’ve learned the nuances and challenges of building market maps, account lists, and tailored plays. We’re using these lessons to build a new GTM Platform for high-growth B2B companies.
  • The leaders and practitioners we admire like to “know the rows” and don’t want a black box. As we build our platform, we’re focused on a transparent workflow that everyone on your team can inspect, edit, and trust.
  • We’re currently working with a small number of design partners who have this need and want to influence our roadmap.
  • When you engage with us, you get immediate output from our tools, access to our data, and time from our co-founders. As our platform takes shape, you’ll be first in line for access.

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