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Tech jobs in demand

about 1 year ago 6 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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In addition to helping skilled tech workers find the right roles, StillHiring.Today has also become a useful playground for Keyplay signals.

This week, we added the following features to make your job search even less painful:


Director+ open roles tags.

Example: Filter for “Sales Leader” or “Design Leader.”


More specific engineering & product role filters (security, QA, devops, TPM, etc)


Funding filter/sort.


Growth signals - 1-mo, 6-mo, Y/Y

In this issue, we share hiring and growth insights from the 1,277 companies submitted.

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Anytime 1K+ people do something quickly, it’s probably worth a closer look.

In a month, we saw unexpected traffic and engagement on StillHiring.Today, the community-led hiring tracker we co-created with Ross “Corp Bro” Pomerantz.

* 1M+ social media views

* 1,000s of shares/likes/comments

* 1,277 employee-contributed companies with open job listings

* 50,100 total open roles

* 159K website users (56K in the first week, crashing Google Sheets)

Due to the community-led nature of the project (tech employees submitted open opps, Keyplay validated and enriched), it became a rich dataset for researching the SaaS hiring landscape.

Main takeaways:

* Remote work is now the norm in tech.

* For every tech company announcing layoffs more are hiring.

* Engineering and sales roles are still in high demand.

Let's dive into the data.

Remote work is now table stakes in tech

75% of companies submitted have remote role options.

That doesn’t mean those companies are fully remote, but they have at least one remote role open.

Remote hiring by company size Source: StillHiring.Today

Even companies less comfortable with remote are remaining flexible to retain talent.

Translation: Remote work isn’t a flash in the pan.

It’s the new bar.

Open tech roles at every startup stage

Tech layoffs have been grabbing headlines with 170 tech companies and 36,493 employees impacted just last month.

On the other side, since launching StillHiring.Today in late February, employees submitted 1,277 companies with 50,100 open roles.

At least 25,863 of those roles are in consumer and B2B tech.

Tech layoffs before and after COVID Source: Scott Galloway

Of course, few if any are hiring by the thousands in 2023.

While there are significantly more roles open at the 2,500+ employee mark, there’s little variance in the number of companies hiring at each stage.

Interestingly, the 201-500 stage (the middle child) has the largest concentration of companies in growth mode with 233 companies actively recruiting.

Open roles by company headcount Source: StillHiring.Today

That said, tech growth is not in the red.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects the tech industry to keep growing, just not at the same accelerated rate we saw during the pandemic.

Will that growth come primarily from big tech, venture tech, bootstrapped orgs, or a blend?

We'll have to wait and see.

2023 tech industry employment growth Source: CompTIA

Engineering & sales talent demand remains strong

Of companies with open roles, 80%+ of them are looking for sales and engineering.

In tier 2 is product, marketing, and customer success with demand from 70%+ of companies hiring.

Finance and HR are least in demand at 67% and 57%.

Considering the drastic nature of recent cuts, seeing the majority of companies still looking for HR talent is encouraging.

Open roles by function 2023 Source: StillHiring.Today

Drilling down, we can see which roles are seeing the highest demand within our sample.

In R&D, software engineers are the most common with 43% companies having open roles.

Product & engineering roles most in demand Source: StillHiring.Today

On the GTM side, AEs/AMs have the highest demand with 39% of companies, followed by SDRs/BDRs at 30% and demand generation at 19%.

Sales marketing and CS roles by demand Source: StillHiring.Today

GTM lessons from early traffic data to StillHiring.Today

There’s a clear desire in the tech community to support one another and a shortage of resources to do so.

We all know someone affected by the layoffs.

Former workers from tech companies currently in the news for the wrong reasons were finding our content, proving content-market fit.

Additionally, 10K-employee companies represented the largest group viewing our content, followed by 1k-5K companies.

Both ideal audiences for the free resource as those companies experienced the biggest, most recent cuts.

PeerSignal Source: LinkedIn

SaaS companies are both the villains and the heroes of this story.

For every discouraging mass tech layoff is an inspiring growth story from an emerging startups built for 2023.

The biggest GTM lesson for us?

Being in the right place at the right time is luck, being prepared to strike at the right place at the right time is strategy.

Right partner (Corp Bro), right time (amidst tech hiring uncertainly), right thing (instead of job board, community-sourced = more confidence, etc).

Position yourself for more at-bats and you’ll rack up more runs.

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