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Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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I try to keep it positive.

So I was excited to see that 23% of companies we track had *more* open marketing & sales roles in August vs July.

I just **posted a summary here**.

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Reply and let me know what other cuts you'd like to see next month.

Marketing & Sales Recruiting Activity

Some mixed movement.

No massive swings.

Maybe stabilizing?

* In July, 69% of companies tracked had open sales and/or marketing roles.

That went to 71% in August. For all roles, the increase was similar, moving from 79% to 81%.

Reminder: Our index skews to startups and growth.

* On the flipside, the number of roles per company is notably lower.

Total open sales & marketing roles declined 9% month/month.


We saw more companies hiring, but a lower volume of open roles.

Putting this in context we tracked 1,703 companies from July to August.

In aggregate they went from 28K open sales and marketing roles to just over 25K.

While it’s a decline, there’s still a ton of demand for talent in this space.

Change in Recruiting Activity

This is a new cut so we don’t have history, but I thought this was interesting.

Instead of just looking at recruiting like a True/False question, we'll start looking at the change in volume of open roles.

On the surface 23% seems positive.

Going forward, this should help us understand if/how/when companies are increasing demand for sales & marketing talent.

Headcount Movement

Signs of stabilization here.

We saw a slight increase in the number of companies that increased headcount, but still saw nearly 1/4 decrease.

Plotting each company's headcount change relative to company size didn't expose any break-through insights.

We continue to see smaller companies making larger cuts.

We also continue to see downturn pain and gains are not distributed evenly -- there will be winners and losers.

Reminder: This tracker is growing each month with your help.

Thank you!

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