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SaaS Counter Narrative

almost 2 years ago 2 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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The headlines have been a little gloomy in B2B SaaS.

I've tried to use our datasets to calibrate the noise and surface growth stories.


A counter narrative.

Today I **updated the B2B Tech Hiring Tracker**

Thanks to your submissions, we are now surfacing 1041 companies with open sales and/or marketing roles.

The more PLG and B2B examples that we find, the more we can study together.

You can add a company here (login).

These indexes are a starting point for deeper research...

For example, Kyle Poyar is studying Outbound + PLG this week.

I looked at this question a month ago and found that 54% of PLG list companies with any open roles were hiring SDRs.

Digging into the similarities and differences was more interesting.

I broke it down into 5 models, but definitely didn't capture everything.

Kyle brought a lot more data and examples to this storyline -- I highly recommend his PLG-focused Substack.

I feel like I'm still getting my sea legs on this new tracker.

We're playing with the packaging the refresh process (feedback welcome!).

You'll now see 4 tabs within the B2B Hiring Tracker dataset:


Reports - download PDF reports with aggregate stats (login req, but still free).


Open Roles - explore companies with any sales and/or marketing roles, find jobs, find examples.


Hiring Movement - compare changes in headcount, follow trends, segment your market.


Add a Company - you know the drill :)

Where would you like this research to go next?

I read all replies.