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RevOps salaries & hiring

2 months ago 4 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

*Did you hear that* *LinkedIn Sales Insights (LSI) is shutting down* *this year?!* 😢 *If you are an LSI customer, we've got something to fill the void at* *Keyplay**.

Talk to me about a free POC and then you can be the judge.* 🧑‍⚖️✨ --- Last time I shared RevOps org benchmarks.

We found that B2B Software companies have 1 RevOps headcount for every 12 sales reps and showed how that varies by size/stage.

Today we **looked at RevOps hiring data**...

Not surprisingly, RevOps is way down the list of GTM roles when it comes to hiring activity: ​ The is consistent with our headcount analysis that showed less than 1% of all B2B software employees are in RevOps.

We wouldn't expect a massive amount of hiring relative to other areas.

Most companies will be focused on the more people-intensive areas like AEs and SDRs.

And the magic of great strategy & ops teams is how they create leverage for the rest of your GTM org.

That said, we do see the hiring activity increase considerably as companies get bigger: ​ When considering the Scale segment in our index (1000+ employees), demand is high as 14% of companies have had at least one open RevOps role in March.

Since the vast majority of startups do not have RevOps headcount and thus, are not investing in the function, demand is considerably diminished.

This was observed in last week's benchmarks -- where until companies reach ~50 employees, having a built out RevOps team is not the norm.

​ RevOps is a small but mighty function.

I was also curious about the salary ranges for open Rev Ops roles -- 12% are $200k+, while 35% are $150k+.

In addition, we spotted a handful of roles around $350k annually.

While hiring activity is sparse, the demand for talent skews towards senior members.

​ Here are a few examples of the kinds of roles that make up the higher end of this distribution* Matillion -- Vice President, Revenue Operations ($230-285K) * Rippling -- Sales Strategy Senior Manager ($126-220K) * Endor Labs -- Director of Revenue Operations ($150-215K) * Modern Health -- Director of Revenue Operations ($190-248K) * Docker -- VP, Revenue Operations ($206-258K) * Miro -- Senior Manager, Sales Strategy and Operations ($188-247K) It was informative to dig into this JDs and see the kind experience and skills in demand.

On one hand, it's great to see companies valuing this function and the demand for senior talent.

On the other hand, it might take serious patience if you're early in your career.

You'll be hard-pressed to find B2B software companies recruiting for *true* entry level roles.

But there seems to be lots of upside in the career path.

And I'd bet that RevOps becomes an increasingly important part of the modern GTM org in the next couple years.

With more AI and automation, we're going to need strategists and operators to design, implement, and optimize these AI systems.

Someone will need to orchestrate and coordinate.

There's no "easy button." I see that kind of talent sitting in Growth and RevOps for the most part.

On that AI note, I have this poll running right now...

​ It ended up having a lot of good discussion about who would "manage" AI in sales​.

Ties right into the discussion about RevOps hiring and the future of this function.

As always, I'd love your take... *What role do you see RevOps playing in the modern GTM org going forward?* Reply here or jump into the open thread on LinkedIn.

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