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PLG reviews and headcount growth

over 2 years ago 2 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

We're getting our sea legs with the PLG List.

I just posted a few highlights on LinkedIn.

You can dive into the **full dataset here** (member link).

5 new fields to slice and sort, now 513 companies:

What stood out:

* Does Mural get enough cred as a PLG role model?

They were #1 for review acceleration and #9 for headcount growth amongst companies with <1,000 employees.

Will Mural be the next $10B PLG valuation?

* ​ClickUp, Hopin, and Chargebee are on hiring tears.

All added >10% headcount in the last month, all approaching 1,000 headcount.

If you are looking for a PLG job, you can sort the list by employee growth.

* Not a ton of PLG in sales tech, but Dooly and Lusha stand out for companies of their size.

Both are accelerating reviews while maintaining high ratings.

* ​Smartsheet is top of the list for review acceleration even on a very large base (>500 reviews in the last 3 months).

They were doing PLG before it was called PLG.

Underrated PLG icon?

* No-Code platforms Webflow and Bubble keep rising in multiple metrics.

Both are in the top 20 for review acceleration.

But, neither company has ramped sales yet (less than 10% of total headcount).

And both are still relatively early.

I'm watching this category.

In this update:

➕ 15 companies added. Thank you!

Add one here.

➕ Online review tracking. We've been searching for better adoption and growth indicators.

Reviews aren't a perfect proxy, but they offer some clues.

To start, we're tracking 3-month trailing growth (new reviews / total), acceleration (growth / growth), average rating, and trailing 3-month review volume across the most popular b2b review sites.

➕Monthly new hires. Now that the dataset is over a month old, we can start looking at changes and trends.

This month, we added a field for net new hires (limited to companies that were tracking for at least one month and increased headcount).

What would you like to see next?