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PLG ≠ rep-free. 394 companies analyzed

over 2 years ago 1 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

This month's report analyzes 394 product-led growth companies.

Sales & marketing leaders will like the headlines.

It's product-led, not product-only growth -- this movement isn't engineering sales and marketing out of work.

In fact, the AE-SDR Industrial complex lives on in PLG.

**👉 Read the Full Report**

It's full of graphs and stats you can use.

I'm excited to bring more curated datasets into's *community-driven research*platform.

The methodology got me excited and a lot of you saw the same future.

A continuously updating, curated dataset seems more useful than the old Gartner PDF someone paid $50K to access.


PLG List is the first.

But maybe not the last.

I'm thinking about other community-contributed, technology-enhanced, curated datasets...

Hows that for a string of buzzy words?!


Does this spark anything for you?

Replies always appreciated.