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Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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As Bone Thugs N Harmony said in 1995, it's 1st of tha month.

That means fresh and expanded PLG and B2B datasets when you login to

The PLG list now has 664 companies for you to explore.


Anyone missing?

If you tag a company in this


Why should all GTM leaders care about PLG?

Hint: I do NOT believe that every company can/should/will become pure PLG.

Lots of good reasons.

If the user isn't a buyer.

If the product is very complex.

If usage ≠ distribution leverage.

If bottom-up just doesn't fit.


But I'm obsessed with this movement because I think PLG companies will pressure every GTM leader to evolve in their direction.

Good news: Many PLG themes are NOT bound by "free" or self serve or viral loops.

Let's dig into a few themes + examplee (and I'd love to hear what you'd add):

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