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PeerSignal + GPT

about 1 year ago 4 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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Camille and I have added a new analyst to the team, ChatGPT.


We believe that Generative AI represents a new era in software.

For the past three months we’ve been experimenting and studying OpenAI and other platforms.

Today, we’re excited to start releasing Generative AI market resources and infusing our product with GPT-assisted data.

Here’s how PeerSignal is supporting the movement:

1. Mapping AI and Generative AI Categories

Our first AI Market Index is now live in beta!

This includes 347 companies with AI-first products, 77 of which we consider participants in the Generative AI sub-category.

AI IndexStudy 347 AI-powered companies for free on PeerSignal >>

This isn’t just a slide with logos.

Like all of our indexes, this is continuously refreshed and enriched using Keyplay.

You can sort, filter, and explore our whole slate of company signals.

As always, we’ll expand this coverage with your help.

Add a company here.

2. Tracking Generative AI’s Impact on SaaS

We believe that Generative AI will infiltrate many SaaS companies and transform every software market.

Elena Verna called it the ChatGPT gold rush.

ChatGPT Gold Rush - LinkedIn

We want to track how SaaS and Cloud companies react.

To do this, we’re analyzing our existing B2B SaaS market index (2K companies) and our broader Keyplay SaaS database (20K+ companies) to find AI-centric messaging and product offerings.

For every Jasper and company building their product around AI, there are companies like Zapier and Notion, quick to integrate AI into their current product offering.

Some recent examples:

* Miro recently announced Miro AI (Beta).

Currently, its machine learning models can summarize sticky notes, expand mind maps, remove backgrounds on images, even generate some code.

* Klaviyo integrates AI into its marketing automation platform in two ways: predictive analytics for estimating revenue and best send times, and an AI-powered SMS writing assistant.

* Clari has positioned itself as an AI platform for years now.

Its AI-powered revenue forecasting engine estimates future revenue and recommends improvements.

* ​**Zapier**’s ChatGPT plugin turns chat into automations by allowing users to execute any of Zapier’s 50K actions using the ChatGPT interface.

* ​**Notion** AI allows users to tap into generative AI to summarize calls into checklists or tables and rewrite paragraphs in different tones.

3. Deeper Insights with GPT-Assisted Data

We’re showing off our first GPT-assisted data in this AI Market map.

Using AI to understand AI companies is so 2023!


AI and Generative AI Relevance scores and reasonings are built with a combination of Keyplay data, GPT APIs, and PeerSignal frameworks.

This is just the beginning.

We will be bringing GPT-assisted signals to the Keyplay data pipeline very soon.

If you want to be on the ground floor, reply to me here or request a demo.

Soon, AI will be central to our product and research strategy.

This will help us capture market movements in real time and improve classifications accuracy (we all know how limiting NAICS codes and LinkedIn industries are).

By the end of this year, we hope to be a leader in this market map.

How do you think AI will disrupt tech in the next five years?

Reply with your predictions or join the conversation on LinkedIn.

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Adam & Camille


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