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not another tech layoff report

over 1 year ago 4 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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If you are like Ross "Corp Bro" Pomerantz, then you probably have a desire to help peers impacted by layoffs.

I worked with Corp this past weekend to launch

It's now live on Product Hunt. Please consider supporting on Product Hunt and sharing this LinkedIn post to help our peers find companies ACTUALLY hiring right now.

Here's the backstory...

Our feeds are dominated by tech layoff reports.

But Corp Bro posted something different on LinkedIn.

He was starting a community-sourced hiring sheet to help folks find new roles.

I immediately offered to enrich his list.

LinkedIn post comment

He DMed me that day and, using Keyplay, I enriched his list a couple days later.

It got so much traffic that the Google Sheet broke.

Hiring tracker G sheet Soooo many Anonymous Armadillos in that sheet 😂

So over the weekend, we stood up a new site from scratch.

You’ve probably heard of Layoffs.Fyi.

It’s tracked tech layoffs since 2020.

We liked the idea, but wanted to make something more actionable for recently unemployed tech workers.

We wanted an answer to “now what?” So we co-created the exact opposite.

Corp Bro had the audience, the ability to connect more tech workers with employers.

We had the ability to help job seekers vet roles and companies with additional data and growth signals, like recent hiring history, using Keyplay enrichment API.

While this tool is usually for a sales use case, it was a unique opportunity to use our tech for a different (non-commercial) need.

The end result?


still hiring today site

This wasn’t our first rodeo.

We had already launched something similar with our B2B SaaS Hiring Tracker and quarterly tech hiring segment in this newsletter.

We didn't see this as competition.

We saw it as a fresh new (and needed) approach that went beyond our B2B SaaS focus.

Within a few days of going live with the new site, hundreds more companies were added and verified.

All 700+ companies are searchable on the site with the ability to filter and sort by company growth signals (see GIF above), so you can better filter and vet tech roles.

Engineering, sales, and product account for more than half of the tech talent demand according to our data, but there are still plenty of opportunities in every department we track.

hiring tracker talent data - engineering leads

The challenge with traditional job boards is always phantom job postings – dormant public job postings from companies without serious hiring intentions.

This community-led resource gives tech workers more inside intel from the company employees themselves, who arguably know best how active job postings really are.


Not only will this new tool help you find who’s *actually* hiring, you can check company growth signals to get a better idea of how they’ve fared the past few quarters.

Know a tech company hiring?

Help a peer land a good job by adding them here.

Looking for a new tech role?

Browse, filter, sort tech roles in every department here.

Have more questions or feedback?

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