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More B2B pricing pages

over 2 years ago 1 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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Today I'm back to geeking out about SaaS pricing pages.

We've been investing in our screenshot bots and now have 850 total pricing page examples across the 2 datasets (an increase of over 100!).

A lot of people (including me) enjoy scanning these galleries for inspiration and examples, so we're going to keep going on this piece.

I scanned all the screenshots this morning and put together a few **examples + take aways here.**

In summary:


Seat-based? The playbook is clear.

Hundred of examples to copy.

Life is relative simple.


Not seat-based? More complexity may be required.

Some examples that you can use to tackle this problem.


Making a case for transparency? It's not just for the low ACV these days.

I found $30-50K prices listed.

I'd be curious know what you think as you scan the new gallery.


I read all replies.