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Marketing roles in PLG vs B2B

about 2 years ago 3 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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Digging into some new data on marketing roles today.

A few surprises and a few differences between PLG and B2B companies...

I just posted a deck and charts here. πŸ“Š

Here's what stood out:

1.) Demand Gen vs Growth Marketing appears to be a false choice. There’s high demand for both role categories across models and stages.

PLG companies lean toward Growth titles -- 39% have open Growth roles vs 23% in other B2B.

But 33% also have open Demand Gen roles.

2.) The Growth vs Demand story changes by stage – as PLG companies scale they open more Demand Gen roles.


3.) PLG companies are recruiting a wider range of marketing roles.

6/8 of marketing role categories analyzed are more common in PLG companies vs other B2B.


4.) PLG companies are also hungrier for Community roles – 23% vs 15% in other B2B.

This aligns with previous research that showed ~2x higher owned community adoption in PLG.

5.) Content is fuel for any marketing motion.

**Content Marketers are in high demand in both PLG and other B2B.

~60% of companies analyzed have open content marketing roles** (writing, production, editing, etc).

This is the highest of any role category in our dataset.

6.) Product Marketing is relatively close to Demand Gen in our metric (% of companies with open roles).

This probably changes if we count the total roles, but its shows strong demand for PMM talent.

7.) Opinion: Marketing Ops recruiting is surprisingly low.

Only 15% of companies in our dataset have MOPs roles open.

This may be understated due to specific title matching – it will be interesting to look at Rev Ops (and other Ops title groups) as a point of comparison (coming soon!).


You can dig into this more with the πŸ†• "Hiring" tab in your B2B and PLG Indexes (visible when logged in).



For now you can filter for top-level functions + specific marketing roles.

I'll be added sales roles very soon!

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