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about 1 year ago 4 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

Today we introduced Keyplay Lists.


We broke a lot of SaaS rules, so I’m naturally nervous for this launch.

If you’ve been hacking PeerSignal for outbound or ABM, this is for you.

It’s a no-subscription, free to start, instant account list builder for SaaS startups.

And it uses a new AI categorization engine that also powers PeerSignal research (more on this later).

As a PeerSignal member, I’d love your help spreading the word and improving the product.

You can sign-up for a free account here.

If you reply with product feedback or comment on LinkedIn with your reactions, I’ll be forever grateful.



Why we’re reimagining industry categories

I’ve spent countless hours building company lists.

Whether I’m working on market intelligence (PeerSignal) or sales intelligence (Keyplay), it’s always painful to categorize companies.

We searched high and wide for a solution to this problem.

But it wasn’t there.

The software industry is one example of this.

According to LinkedIn, the following companies are in the same exact category:

Keyplay ListsBrowse more categories & create your list

Of course we know that all of these products are drastically different.

We also know that to accurately map our market, we need to capture those differences.

**The problems with traditional industry categories:**

* Poor accuracy (relying on self-reporting or out-dated data)

* Blind to modern & emerging markets (no Fintech, no Healthtech, etc)

* Lack of flexibility & depth when building lists and segments

Keyplay's modern industry categories

We took a new approach to the categorization problem by thinking like an industry analyst, collecting data like a sales analyst, and building with Generative AI models.


Industry analysts have great frameworks.

Sales analysts turn over every rock.

The models behind ChatGPT help us categorize complex industries at scale.

Going back to the earlier example, you can see the difference:

Keyplay ListsBrowse more categories & create your list

Today, we're launching these new categories in Keyplay and using them to improve every PeerSignal market index.

We have 21 primary categories in V1 that cover both traditional industries (Financial Services, Healthcare, etc) and emerging markets (Fintech, SaaS, Healthtech, etc).

We also have 115 secondary categories to go deeper on emerging markets.

As always we'll be partnering with the PeerSignal community to expand quickly.

The additional context helps pinpoint niche markets in a way LinkedIn and the many data providers who scrape categories from LinkedIn can’t.

Translation: the idea of an ideal account list is finally possible.

The media <> SaaS flywheel

media company is SaaS modelHow We’re Building a Media Company and a Software Company from Scratch

In December, I shared my vision for building a media company inside a SaaS company and how these two things work together.

Our categorization engine will be a big part of how we feed the flywheel going forward, bridging the gap between market intelligence and account intelligence.

You’ve been a fan of PeerSignal for market intel, these new categories will help you make everything you learned about accounts and competitors actionable for your go-to-market strategy.

Here’s how our new categories will support phase two of our PeerSignal research roadmap:

* Powering our Fintech Index.

* Surfacing companies building with AI.

* Expanding our B2B SaaS index with more sub categories and GTM models like PLG.

Look forward to more market indexes added to PeerSignal on a regular basis.

Complete this 2-minute onboarding to see what an ideal account account list looks like for your GTM motion.

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