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Introducing org insights

3 months ago 3 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

Today I'm excited to introduce Keyplay Org Insights.

🎯 It’s a new way to understand the size and density of any team, role, or function within your accounts.

For example, I'm tracking the size of AE, SDR, and Rev Ops teams.

I can now segment and prioritize my target accounts based on this kind of data:👇 ​ Then I have custom signals for account scoring like this: ​ I've been wanting to build something like this for a long time.

While doing ICP work with our customers, I’ve noticed that headcount often doesn’t correlate with fit.

If you sell to a *specific* function, you need org details.

You want to understand the specific function, role, or team that you serve.* 🔍 For dev tools, it’s the engineering team size.

* 🔍 For a support platform, it’s CS reps and agents.

* 🔍 For sales tech, it’s counting the SDRs and AEs.

* 🔍 For a compliance platform, it’s the security and/or privacy team.

Keyplay Org Insights uncovers the next level, customized for you.

From a PeerSignal research perspective I’m excited about this because it will unlock benchmarks and deeper insights about how to build a modern GTM org.

For example let’s look at sales headcount across a sample of B2B Software companies with 500-2500 employees.

Each company is plotted on this chart: ​ From this analysis, we see that sales teams at B2B software companies of this size are typically 8-17% of total headcount with a median of ~12%.

This is just an example of the kind of research we plan to explore, but I hope that it’s illustrative for how we can use the new data.

This opens the door for 3 big research questions about modern GTM org:1.

What are the averages, norms, and benchmarks for different job functions or teams? How do those benchmarks compare by size/stage, industry or sub-industry, GTM motion, and other factors?


What are the ratios between teams? E.g.

AE to SDR, Rev Ops to Sales, Marketing to Engineering.


Who are the outliers? What’s their story or reason?

Next newsletter, I’m going to dig into the Rev Ops and Marketing Ops functions from this perspective.

Anything you’d like to see us tackle with this new data?

Reply with any suggestions or research questions.

Interested in Keyplay Org Insights in your ICP and account discovery?

Learn more here.

Best, Adam ​ --- *Have a B2B tech company in mind you’d like us to track?* *Fill out* *this form**.* *​*

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