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Full refresh, "featured" tag

over 2 years ago 2 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

*We just* *crossed 2,000* *members!

Thank you for being here on the ground floor and helping this project grow!* 🙏 *For newcomers, this is my almost-weekly newsletter for new data, analysis, and updates from PeerSignal research.*


All fields, all rows, all gallery images are fresh this week.

Both the PLG and B2B datasets.

🤓➡️**Explore the datasets here.**​

You'll also see a new field with a ⭐️next to ~200 companies across our two sets.


This is our first swing at a "featured" list.

Anytime our research calls for depth over breath, we'll tap into this featured list.

To start, these companies have 4 fields (online review tracking) that won't be available on the broader index.

*What qualifies as "featured?"*

We used the following test:


Top quartile for headcount growth.


Or, top quartile for LinkedIn followers + growth.


Or, less than 10% sales headcount, >100 employees, and growing.


And, 80% data coverage (i.e.

our bots can find them).


And, a handful of curator additions.

A few that didn't hit the top quartiles, but I thought were interesting examples/stories/categories to follow.

*Anyone else you'd like to see featured?* You can always suggest a company here.

*Feedback questions or ideas to make this better?* I read all replies.