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almost 2 years ago 2 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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Every software company wants a community these days (for good reason).

Easy to say, hard to build.

This week we dug into **40 PLG community examples**.

Big thanks to Carl Thomen (PeerSignal's first guest analyst) for leading this research!

From Prefect to Retool to Lemlist, Carl surfaced some PLG icons you know along with community builders that you probably haven't studied yet.

🚨 *If you are interested in being a guest analyst, shoot me a reply.*

Carl put together an Airtable with a deeper breakdown of community size and engagement here.

I've been curious about community for a long time.

So far I've found...

* How template strategies fuel community growth, with examples from Miro, Coda, Canva, Webflow, Notion, and more.

* 241 PLG companies with a community (43% of PLG List).

* 185 other B2B growth companies with a community (25% of B2B Growth index, excl PLG).

* 144 B2B tech companies *hiring* community roles (11% of the hiring tracker).

* ​Companies founded in the last recession seem to be community oriented.

Not claiming causation, but interesting correlation.

In my book, community building is a key pillar of modern B2B go-to-market.

It's a fun area to explore because the playbooks aren't well understand, the space changes quickly, and your competitors *might* drag their feet.

I'm excited to keep pulling on this theme.

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