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Category creator competition, 56 new PLGs

over 2 years ago 2 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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Open Question

We're in the most competitive recruiting market I've ever seen.

1,700+ weighed in about which B2B marketing roles are the hardest to hire.

I'd love your take.

Excited to slice this one by company size and role.

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➕ 56 new companies added this week.

Thank you!

➕ 60 new pricing pages found.

👨‍💻 New fields coming next: Offer Types (Free trial vs Free plan vs Enterprise Plan).

Our research bots are chugging away on this question.

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Imagine if 1/3 of SaaS startups created new categories?

That would be thousands of new categories.

Gartner only has about 100 active Magic Quadrants.

Naturally, companies shift from category creation or disruption to extending leadership as they mature.

But even at the 500-5000 employee level, 20% of people said they are creating a new category.

If you are thinking about category creation, you aren't alone.

It seems to me that category thinking is becoming a higher priority for CEOs, CMOs, and VCs recently.

Replies always appreciated.