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6 months later

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Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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6 months ago I started tracking B2B Tech companies.

Multiples and sentiment were really starting to fall.

I'm not smart enough to make predictions.

But I'm decent at building lists and keeping track.

We now have ~2K total companies across our PLG List, B2B Index, and hiring tracker.

70% have open sales and marketing roles this month (one clue about growth).

6 months later it's interesting to zoom out.

This one surprised me a bit:


There was never a month where the aggregate headcount decreased.

And there are 12% more people working in these companies today vs April.

That's a lot of net new jobs in a relatively short time.

As I've said before, the downturn is not evenly distributed.

Yes, there have been cuts and we see some of those signals:

* 23% have reduced headcount since April

* 18% reduced headcount in September.

* 33% have fewer open roles in September vs August.

But there is another side of the coin:

* 24% actually grew 20% or more since April.

* 73% had some positive change since April.

* The shape of the curve in aggregate is pretty positive.

2021 was insane.

We're back down to earth in 2022 and it's a little harder to find the growth stories.

I can't pick the winners, but I expect that the next Snowflake or Figma or Datadog are still being built.

And I'm really interested to watch the earlier stage companies to see what kind of go-to-market innovations take hold.

*Which SaaS companies are you studying or following in 2022?*

I'm always looking to expand these indexes and appreciate all your help so far.

If you tag a company on LinkedIn or send me your favorites, I'll make sure they get tracked going forward.

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