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Templates as PLG growth fuel

over 2 years ago 2 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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Miro raised eyebrows with their recent $17.5B valuation.

Rumored $300M ARR, 100% y/y growth, and cash positive.


Looking at their GTM, you can't miss the template library.

Templates might sound basic, but for Miro, Canva, Notion, and ~20% of the PLG list, this play looks very strategic.

I dug into a few this week...

➡️ **Check out this deck with 14 examples.**

This isn't a new idea in B2B.

It's been used in content marketing for ages.

And enduring horizontal products like PowerPoint often use template libraries to address the "jack of all trades" issue.

But today's fast-growing companies are laddering up this playbook in new ways.

Here how I see it:

I picked out these 14 logos to study, but there are dozens of other examples in the PLG and B2B Growth datasets (login here to explore).

*Where else do you see this strategy?*

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