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Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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For any curious GTM operators, here's a quick update on our small business:*


Our team has grown.* *Camille**,* *Katie**, and* *Chris* *joined this month.



I hate "stealth mode" but have kept pretty quiet about the SaaS platform behind PeerSignal.

Katie made me publish* *this page with a few clues**.

LMK if you've ever felt the pain of trying to build & maintain an ideal account list.

Just 7 customers have this unnamed secret weapon.

We'll open the doors soon.*

*Ok now let's get into this week research...*


If you're one of 99.97% of B2B marketers who’ve ever struggled with their website project, this is for you.

We collected 2,042 SaaS homepages.

You can see the full gallery here (when logged into).

And of course, you can filter to see **the 661 PLG homepages.


*What are your favorite B2B websites?*

Tag them here and I'll add them to next month's data refresh.

The inspiration for this was selfish.

I'm working on a new homepage and needed some role models.

It's always hard to get right and easier to learn from examples.

As much as you’d like the endless website project to be over, you know you’ll need a new coat of paint next quarter.

So, we’ll keep the B2B Homepage Gallery and PLG Pricing Page Gallery as evergreen resources on PeerSignal.

Takeaway from staring at 2K+ SaaS sites: PLG companies are making B2B more human.

Less jargon, sure.

But they also talk directly to the people who 1) Feel the pain directly 2) Would actually use the product.

**We noticed a few scroll-stopping patterns…**

1.) Calling out users by name

PLG companies aren’t afraid to talk to end users.

Even if they’re not the decision makers.


Sometimes blatantly: “Hey Engineering Leader 👋” (Linear B)

Sometimes just leading with the persona: In-app Chat for Developers (CometChat)

2.) Having a POV. Building a movement.

Many of the biggest names in PLG take a strong stance against the old way of working.

This creates a niche movement your entire ICP can rally behind.

Suddenly, it doesn’t feel like B2B buying, it feels like you’re joining a movement.

We love B2C brands like Patagonia for this property – maybe B2B is coming along?

Figma: Nothing great is [designed] alone

* Subtext: Solo design tools are inferior

Lattice: People first.

Business lasts.

* Subtext: Happy employees grow businesses

Typeform: There’s a better way to ask.

* Subtext: Most forms are boring.

Loom: Loom on.

Meetings off.

* Subtext: Meetings suck

Maze: Get user insights in hours, not days.

* Subtext: Customer research takes too long

These aren’t just PLG companies, they’re successful PLG companies.

The first four are established companies with 1K+ employees, the last two are growth stage (100-300) with 51-91% YoY employee growth.

What’s a community if not a place where people listen and nod while you vent about the annoying parts about your job and then offer solutions?

These headlines plant the seed for community-led growth.

3.) Speaking their language.

Preach, Webflow.

As someone who’s considering alternative CMS options, this site speaks to me on a personal level.

It feels 1:1.

Some other simple, human headlines from PLG greats:

* Plaid: The safer way for people to connect financial accounts to an app.

* Calendly: Easy scheduling ahead

* Retool: Build internal tools, remarkably fast

Chargebee takes the idea of using the customer’s voice to another level with one of the more unique approaches we saw above the fold.

They let their customers speak for them.

Also notable, while most homepages don’t include pictures of people above the fold, PLG seems to feature them more often.

*My personal favorite?*

Probably Elementor.

I like the simplicity and find the copy inspiring.

Plus the pink stood out in a sea of cool tones.



*Which B2B SaaS homepages do you admire?*

Tag them here.

I’ll add to our gallery if we don’t have them already.