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Figma + template libraries

over 1 year ago 2 mins read
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld

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Figma's $20B exit gives us a lot to study.

Let's start with template libraries -- a growth strategy that shows up at Figma, Miro, 23% of our PLG List, and 7 out of the 10 fastest growing SaaS apps this year.

​Summary deck here.​

​Camille's deep dive here.​

It's not a PLG-exclusive playbook, but it's a natural fit with product-led and community-led mindsets.

Figma's fantastic template strategy checks all the boxes:

* βœ… Distribution

* βœ… Product Adoption

* βœ… Community & Partner Engagement

* βœ… Creator Economy

In our framework, they have reached the top rung.


If we zoom out from Figma, we found templates on many PLG company websites.

And it’s not just for late stage -- 20% of PLG companies with less than 100 employees use template strategies.

This strategy is particularly attractive for horizontal products that want to drive adoption for specific personas and use cases.


We found templates on ~10% of the other B2B companies in our index, including Mutiny, Gong, Lattice, and Postscript.

This is another example of a strategy that can move traditional B2B companies into PLG-like territory. i.e.

The principles can be applied to many go-to-market models.

If you want to dig into more examples, check out The PLG List and filter the "Content & Community" field for Templates.

That will show you all the companies where we found links & CTAs to template libraries on their website.

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