Don’t get stuck with the wrong accounts 🥶   There’s a new way to build & maintain your ideal account list 🔑 Tailored for B2B SaaS markets 👔  Join us on the ground floor 👇

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Old Problem. New Solution.

B2B sales and marketing teams experience this scene way too often…

It starts with intent, excitement, and alignment.


But there’s a problem when you dig in. Wrong accounts, wrong ingredients.


Finally, an answer you can rely on.


You’ve seen and tried the other options:

  • Generic data providers don’t have the accuracy or relevance. 🗄
  • Black box A.I. platforms don’t give you any control. ⬛️
  • DIY spreadsheets & scripts leave you in maintenance hell. 🤬

We’re building a different solution, tailored for B2B SaaS companies. Our approach in a nutshell:

Not optimizing for volume. Instead, we’re obsessed with quality. Better ingredients = better results.

Not another generic data provider. Instead, we customize everything for you. Relevance and specificity are key.

Not another AI over-promise. Instead, we deliver practical, no-code tools that connect the dots and give you full control.

Committed to customer success. Our founding team will be in the weeds with you at every step of the process. We’re not tourists — we live in this market and we’re here to stay.


We’re building for GTM leaders who won’t settle for 60%. Today we’re best for:

  • B2B companies who sell to other tech companies. Especially mar-tech, HR tech, sales tech, and horizontal SaaS.
  • Sales teams with 5-50 AEs.
  • Sales & RevOps leaders who value quality over quantity.

Warning: It’s early here (secret weapon, but not for everyone). A little context:

  • We’re working with a group of early customers as design partners.
  • Space is limited for now — let’s talk if you’re interested.
  • More details coming soon. Get on the list to hear first. 👇

or email us: adam@peersignal.org

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