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Why this exists + how you can help

I started Peer Signal because I wanted a way to check my assumptions and come to work smarter.

Experts are great, but data is better. And the question I struggle to answer with data is what do sales and marketing people really think?

When you tally and slice a bunch of opinions, things get interesting.

But here's the thing with opinion data — It takes opinions.

So I really hope to learn from yours.

Each week when I send the update, I will also send a 1-question poll like this.

It takes ~15s to vote.

The more people who do it, the more pots of gold at the end of the rainbow for this community.

So I hope you will consider voting.

And thank you again for being here. I do this to serve you. Every time I see a new signup I do a little dance. It’s not pretty but it’s heartfelt.

Emails always welcome.

Best, Adam