PeerSignal is growing

Check out our open roles below. If you have questions or want to talk about contributing in ways not listed below, feel free to email me - adam at peersignal dot org.

Open Roles:

We’ve recently filled all open roles. Email me if you want to learn more about our future growth plans or check back here in 2023

Why Join?

Early Stage Autonomy. Join on the ground floor. Blank slate, no debt or messes. More questions than answers. Own a ton, let your creativity run, it’s fun. All ambiguity, upside, and growth.

Pragmatic Team and Positive Culture. Proven operators as founders. Doers not talkers (we code, we write, we work with customers, we get in the data). Getting the basics right - focus, honesty, serving customers. Ok to fail. Ok to laugh and smile while at work.

Thoughtful Financial Model with Early Traction. Real audience growth and engagement. Early revenue & amazing design partners. Financial security in startup terms (years to run, not months). Viable business model, pre-launch. We’ll share more during the interview.

Compensation & Benefits. Competitive cash. Equity with no annoying terms. Nice health plan. The tools and support you need to be productive. We’re motivated to make it all work for you.

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